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Distinct. Authentic. Memorable. Client in her Studio.

Personal branding client, Susan Brunstrum, Principal, Studio Brunstrum

Personal branding positions clients to achieve more of what they desire by crafting their talents and experience into an authentic narrative, a new image, or improved communications skills. 

For individuals, Lannon Consulting founder Carrie Lannon offers one-on-one personal brand coaching. She is uniquely qualified to help individuals discover and convey their personal brand. For much of her career, she coached C-suite executives on their communication skills for media and public appearances. Carrie sharpened her instincts for styling while working with renowned fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. 

Through a discovery process, Carrie delves into each client’s experiences, interests, passions and goals to create a cohesive brand story and image. Her branding process yields sustainable results because she incorporates the talents, personality and life experience of each client – no posing or pretending.

Personal branding clients include a:​



prepping for a high-visibility media event


improving his networking and social skills



who wants to distinguish her digital image 


who needs to establish authority in a new region


seeking to strengthen communication and presentation skills

Personal branding can address:   


Leaders who want to change how they are perceived.



Individuals who want to convey themselves anew due to a major life or career change.



Career enthusiasts who want to attract more interviews, job offers, promotions and clients. 



Individuals who feel lost in the crowd and want to be distinctive and memorable.

How Personal
Branding Benefits

Our Clients

“I worked with Carrie to create a foundation for my personal brand. Carrie helped me expand my vision of what was possible. With her expertise and guidance, I was able to elevate my brand to the next level seamlessly. Working with Carrie is a 5-star experience.”


“Thank you for your guidance as I moved my business and personal life from the suburbs to the city. Your coaching on my presentation skills, wardrobe, and how to distinguish myself within a city environment while still being true to myself, made this move so much easier than if I had done it on my own.”  



“Your interview questions and the subsequent biography that you wrote helped me highlight features from my background that enhanced my new story. Thank you for connecting the dots of my experience and strengthening my credibility.” 



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