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How We Work

Lannon Consulting offers clients personal, boutique-level attention that is grounded in big brand experience. Founder Carrie Lannon leads all client work, bringing her experience in building renowned lifestyle brands to every project. She can collaborate with a client’s existing brand marketing or communications team, engage her own team of experts, or work with clients one-on-one. 

Lannon Consulting employs a 3-step process to reach each client’s goals: 


Uncovering the nuances that make each client unique is our version of a treasure hunt.  Our clients often have all the ingredients, they just can’t uncover their own story. With a fresh perspective and deep experience, we connect the dots - values, assets, talents - to define the qualities that contribute to a compelling new brand narrative.  


We distinguish our clients by igniting their story with creative content. That can be as singular as prepping a client for a big announcement or as comprehensive as a full suite of brand communications such as a new visual identity, narrative, messaging or social media plan. 


Exciting content must be delivered to an audience to be effective. We discuss communication platforms with our clients, ranging from a bright new website, to live presentations to printed collateral and more.  We recommend options that align with each client’s capacity and goals.  

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